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Space Perception: Can a Paint Job Really Make a Room Look Bigger

May 29, 2017 0 comment
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Can a Paint Job Really Make a Room Look Bigger?

One of those things that we have always heard about but never been really sure of is that painting a room with a fresh color will actually make the room appear to be bigger.  Now, granted we have heard this expression many, many times, but is there any truth to it?  Does painting a room actually make the room bigger?  How does that work, really?

Here at Hall Painting Services, we have been painting rooms for over fifteen years.  We have painted literally thousands upon thousands of rooms, and we can definitely stand by the belief and the feeling that applying a fresh coat of paint will indeed make the room bigger.  However, if you want to maximize this effect, here are two, key tips to follow to your next professional paint job:

  1. Go with lighter colors over darker colors. If you have a color in mind, go with the lightest shade version of the color that still looks good and that still looks like that color to you.  Why?  Because the refraction of light is what gives the appearance of bigger space.  Darker colors suck more light in and refract it less, thus creating a darker, more private space.  This can be preferable in some situations, but it definitely serves to make a room seem smaller.  If you want the room to appear big and expansive, you will need to go with a brighter, lighter, more pastel color.
  1. When choosing colors, go with colors that complement the room. Colors that complement the room are colors that sort of line up and have similarities to other colors in the room.  When you paint walls, you don’t want there to be harsh contrasts in the overall colors that you choose for those walls.  You also don’t want the contrast of the walls and the rest of the room to be too great.  You want the overall look to be quite similar.  When the eye travels across the room, the room will appear bigger if there is nothing in the room that particularly grabs the eye, (like a harshly contrasting color).

Making a Room Bigger with a Professional Paint Job

To maximize the size appearance of your room, we recommend making your next project a professional paint job with Hall Painting Services.  We offer home interior paint services of all kinds and aspects, and we pride ourselves on our superior level of care and skill that we apply to every job that we take on.

At Hall Painting Services we have been performing interior paint jobs and exterior paint jobs for over fifteen years.  We specialize in high-end, professional, precise, and perfect paintwork of the highest quality, and we consider ourselves some of the most skilled painters in the Tampa Bay area.

Creating the visual effect of actually making a room seem bigger is something that we love to do.  It takes expert decisions on colors and styles, precise application, and the correct use of lighting and sheen of paint to accomplish this, but we are very skilled and experienced in this endeavor.

If you are interested in a professional paint job or in performing some interior painting, give Hall Painting Services a call today at (727)- 692-2926.  We offer free estimates and color consultations.  It takes a decent amount of planning to actually be able to create the effect of making a room look bigger with a new coat of paint, and we are more than happy to assist in this endeavor and we will get your space looking as big as it can be in no time!

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