Warm-up Your Home This Season with These Rustic Fall Paint Colors

When people think of home improvement, they usually think of long, drawn out, and expensive projects that impede significantly into their day too day lives. However, painting the interior or interior of a home is probably one of the most unique home improvement projects in that it does not come with a significantly high price tag, it does not take an inordinate amount of time, and painting a house does not usually impede too heavily upon the lives of those living in that home.


Painting is often in fact considered as being a very fun step in home improvement too, because of how much it allows for a homeowner’s own personal choice and decision making in how it will be done, what colors will be used, the style that will be used, and the overall look and how it will all come out. This is a fun project and the instantaneous gratification from results are exemplary.   All in all, painting is considered to be one of the lowest impact home improvement projects with the highest end result. Basically, painting is affordable, sensible, increases curb appeal and home value, and ultimately cleans up a space and makes it new, fresh, and pleasant.



Best Paint Colors


At Hall Painting Services, probably one of the most common questions we get asked on a day to day basis is what color should we paint our home with? What is the best paint colors? Paint color trends are always changing and adjusting, and people are always going back and forth on what colors to paint their homes with and how they should make their homes look in general. There are so many different paint colors out there, and ultimately it really does just come down to the individual’s particular interest or desire.


The most important thing that we tell people right off the bat, is to go with the colors that they like the most. Plain and simple, there is nothing as good as good old fashioned personal preference when it coms to picking a color for a home. When deciding on colors, there are a few factors to consider, but more importantly than anything else really is that person’s or peoples’ own interest. Ultimately, if you are not in love with your color, no matter how “great” the color is or how well it “jives” with the other colors in the room or with the set up that you have in that room, you are still going to be disappointed.


However, we at Hall Painting Services do agree that some colors look better than others, and in the fall season, we love to paint fall colors to celebrate this time of the year! Here are our ideas for fall color:


  1. First of all, unless your room has a lot of natural light in it, we strongly encourage you to not paint it in a color that is extensively or excessively bold. Darker, bolder browns, reds, oranges, and other fall colors will severely darken a room. Keep it light, and take that color palette up in lightness a few notches if your space is not very well lit.


  1. Go with colors that complement the style of the room. As much as you might want a fall, maple tree leaf red color in your bathroom, if it doesn’t match well with the other objects in the room, it might not be the best choice. Relax and take a step back from it, and rethink an autumn color that will look good with everything else.


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