Pro Tips for the Best Colors to Paint Your Garage Doors

When it comes to home improvements and making changes in a home, doing a little painting is a great way to spruce up a home without having to completely tear into the house. This is an excellent solution for a home improvement project. Using painting as a tool to completely change the look of a home at a lower price point than most other home improvement projects are at is a stellar solution for giving the home a whole new look and feel.

At Hall Painting Services, we like to do more than just paint homes. We like to actually recreate the imagery and feel of how a house looks and appears to people. We like to completely reimagine a home when we go in to paint it, and it is our mission to do a lot more for a house than just give it a face lift with a fresh coat of paint.

Exterior Color Trends

With our dedication and motivation for making great looking houses look the way they do, we keep our ear low to the ground for information on all the styles and good looks in constantly changing exterior color trends. Exterior paint color trends and home exterior paint colors are always changing in popularity, and we like to keep up with all of the trends and interesting looks as they come into style.

Garage Doors

When you’re getting ready to paint the exterior of a home, all of a sudden, there’s that garage door! What to do with that garage door? There are a lot of different ways to address the garage door or doors, and we will go over a few of them here:

  1. First of all, usually our favorite approach to go with when addressing a garage door is the three/four color system. Have you ever noticed how the best looking homes always have at least three colors to them, if not four? This is the three/four system for painting a house. It takes more time and requires good color choices, but it really makes a big difference in how the home looks! In the three/four color system you have the main, “field” color, which is the primary color for the house. Then you also have the main trim color, which will be for things like window trim, door casings, facia, soffits, etc. Then you also have the second trim color, which is usually more bold than the first trim color, and it used on things like doors, shutters, and yes, you guessed it, garage doors.


  1. Another approach is to go even bolder, and to pick a totally different color for the garage that is bolder and stronger than the other colors on the home. This has its benefits too, especially if you want the doors to stand out and attract attention, or to be the key focal point of the curb appeal of your home.


  1. Yet another approach is to go conservative, and to back off on the boldness by several notches. This approach is good too because it basically gets the color on the doors and seals them up well and protects them from the elements. It allows for the focus of the home and the focal point of the home to be drawn to other parts of the home, which is truly a beneficial approach indeed, as it accomplishes the purpose of painting the garage without drawing a lot of attention to the garage.

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