Price Versus Product

If we have the inside or outside of our home or business that needs painted we could probably do it ourselves. That’s what many people think that call us for professional painting. The truth is that you can do most home/office improvement projects yourself but you have to look at what the product is that you are looking for.

If you hire the right painting contractor you can get an extremely professional product at a good price. The price of a paint job depends on several things; the materials needed, the labor to get it done and the actually difficulty of the task.

Guidelines For Hiring A Painter

I always tell people that there are several ‘guidelines’ when you are hiring someone to paint versus doing it yourself that are important to keep in.

    1. Get a full breakdown of the price of the paint job and cost associated with it in a quote done by the company. Then you know exactly what you are getting into before you decide to sign on to do it.
    2. Get three quotes from three different companies for the same job.
    3. Meet with the contractor yourself and get an overall sense of who the company is.
    4. Go with your gut. Give the job to who you think you feel is the right person to give you the product you are looking for. If you meet with a company that you feel that you ‘can’t trust’ don’t hire them.
    5. Don’t always go with the lowest bidder. If you do you will not always get the best quality and it could actually cost twice the amount to fix what one painting contractor messed up.
    6. Always ask for referrals, pictures or examples of their product. If you know someone who has dealt with them, even better.

Most people will base their opinions on referrals from friends and families and other people that they know. We close a higher number of jobs because of this and take pride in doing so.

Best Practices – Hall Painting Services

Hall Painting Services has been in operation in Pinellas County and served other counties for eight years now. During this time there have been some definite ‘best practices’ that have helped us to stay in business and help clients to achieve their goals with business and personal painting projects. Some of those are:

    1. We have a good rating with the BBB [Better Business Bureau].
    2. We have positive word of mouth because we have done a good job and provided the service that we promised our clients.
    3. We have kept our agreements by staying in good communication with our clients, showing up when we say we will and getting the job done.

The truth is that you can never go wrong servicing your clients and making sure that you deliver and quality product. The price should also reflect that.

If you know someone or are looking for a professional painter in Pinellas county feel free to contact us at 727-692-2926 for a free estimate.