Liddil Paint Job

Take a look at the great project we did for our good friends, the Liddils.  The Liddils are two of our top clients, and we have done multiple projects for them over the last two years.  In this last project, we did a complete change to the interior of their beautiful home.  Mr. and Mrs. Liddil wanted a more modern, contemporary look in their rooms and we had a blast envisioning the end result and putting it together for them.

We started with an extensive preparation and repair of the Liddils existing interior walls and ceilings.  We also used our signature technique for removing popcorn ceiling texture, giving them an excellent, clean, and most importantly, new look to their ceilings.  We knew that new ceilings would make all of the difference in this home and boy did they ever!

Next up we tackled the interior painting, fully addressing all ceilings, walls, and trim.  We helped Mr. and Mrs. Liddil choose a few different colors for their walls and even helped them pick out a bold, enameled, striking color for their trim too.  The interior painting project at the Liddil’s was one great result after another.  When everything was finished, their home looked like an entirely different house.  They were thrilled with it and even brought us on to do their exterior paint project too!

For the Liddils exterior, we worked closely with Mr. and Mrs. Liddil to consult with them and put together a plan for what colors to use, what brands, what sheens, and how to go about tackling the project.  We put together a good battle plan and got to work.  As you might guess, by the end of our work, the Liddils exterior looked completely different and we were all thrilled with it.  We loved working on the Liddils project and we can’t wait to do more like it!

liddil home exterior liddil home exterior1

liddil home ceiling liddil home kitchen ceiling   liddil home kitchen1 liddil home kitchen liddil home entry liddil home hallway liddil home interior walls liddil home interior