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Is it Necessary to Paint Your Garage Floor

Aug 07, 2017 0 comment
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Is it Necessary to Paint Your Garage Floor?

As painters, one of the questions that we get asked the most, especially when we are painting the exterior of a home or the interior of a garage is, “Should we paint our garage floor?” Many times, the specific home and garage play a part in whether or not this is a wise choice, but there are a few factors that we can go over here that apply to all garages.


Painting a garage floor is just that. You literally paint the garage floor. So right away, you can imagine that this will make the space look a lot nicer and more pleasant. However, as it is a garage floor, after all, this will also bring a lot of other factors into play that you may want to consider. Some of the huge benefits to painting a garage floor are that it:

  • Takes away the dust factor. Have you ever noticed how garages get very dusty, very quickly? That is because bare, porous, unfinished concrete attracts dust in a big way. This dust then gets tracked into your home and all around your clean house. Painting a garage floor eliminates this factor.
  • Makes cleaning easier. How many sweeps does it take to clean a bare, unfinished concrete garage floor? No, this is not a joke, we all know that cleaning a bare garage floor is tough and takes forever. A smooth, painted, flat surface garage floor, on the other hand, is much easier to clean.
  • Makes clean up after car work easier. Have you ever had an oil spill on a bare concrete garage floor? Notice how it never really went away? Especially if you have kids or pets or just don’t want a contaminated garage, painting a garage floor is a great way to make clean ups of spills and messes in your garage that much easier. The paint-seal aspect of the floor will not allow adhesion and soaking-in of car oils and fluids, so you can wipe them up as easily as you would a spill on your kitchen counters.
  • Allows you to personalize your garage. You can use regular, acrylic latex garage floor paint, or, to really get a tough finish that will last for a long time. We recommend that you go with a one-part or two-part epoxy paint. This is a paint that comes with an epoxy additive that you mix together right before application. It toughens up the finished product, gives you longer-lasting durability, protects against mold and mildew, is water resistant, is easy to clean, and is even more durable against automotive fluids.
  • Brightens up the space. A painted surface reflects light. A bare, unfinished concrete surface absorbs light. This is a great way to make your garage brighter and easier to work in without having to add more light bulbs and use more electricity.
  • Makes the garage look beautiful and clean. By itself, just making the garage look better is a reason to paint the garage floor, especially when it is cost effective too.

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