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How to Effectively Communicate What You Want to Your Painting Contractor

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communication in painting

A Step by Step Guide on How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Your Next Painting Project!

Painting a home, whether it is interior painting or exterior painting, can be without a doubt one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of your basic home improvement. However, it can also be one of the most stressful for you as well. A painting project (as is the case with any kind painting project regardless of style) has a certain level of aesthetic factoring to it that other home improvement projects do not have. Because of this, painting needs to be approached with a sort of delicate mindset that is unique to this trade. Also, a vision for how you want a painting project to look carries with it a more abstract, almost ethereal factor to it that other home improvement projects do not have.  Simply stated, painting is not as cut and dried and, given the colors involved, is not nearly as black-and-white (no pun intended) as other home improvement projects are.

There are literally hundreds of different colors that could be used on the interior or exterior of a home, and just as many different types of styles that could be capitalized on for your unique project. There are also different methods of application, different sheens of paint, different types of finishes, and many other factors that go into painting a home. Because of this and because of all of the different factors at play here, homeowners often feel like they don’t get exactly what they want out of the painting process. They often feel like, while the end product of their paint job is certainly a lot better than what was there before, (any painting is better than no painting) they still feel like they didn’t get quite exactly what they wanted out of the project. They often feel like there was a miscommunication between them and contractor because the whole thing just didn’t quite turn out the way they wanted it to.

The bottom of the barrel truth is that any paint job is going to be better than no. A fresh coat of paint cleans up a space, freshens it up, seals and covers up imperfections, smudges, dents, and cracks, and does a world of good for a home in general. However, the homeowner should get exactly what they want out of a painting project and this here is the issue. When all of the cards are on the table, it comes down to a miscommunication or a misrepresentation of ideas between homeowners and painting contractors.

How to Create the Best Working Relationship Possible with your Painting Contractor Through Perfect Communication

Have you ever heard the old adage that communication is key? Because it most certainly is, probably with painting more so than any other trade. Here is a list of great tips and ideas on how to communicate best with your painting contractor, how to really get them in your corner and sticking with you, and how to get exactly what you want out of your next paint project:

  1. Have you ever heard this next little saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words? With painting, this could not be more true. If you have an idea of a color that you want or a look that you want or a style that you are interested in, find pictures of similar projects and show them to your painting contractor. Brainstorm with him or her on how you can apply those colors or styles or looks to your own home and how to get that same color, style, or look in your space too.
  2. Have multiple color consultations with your painting contractor. Most painting contractors will include a color consultation as a part of their bidding process. It is a smart move to ask for more than one though, and here’s why. The initial consultation will be the presentation of ideas and just a basic discussion of what to do on the project. This is where you sit down with a contractor and go over what you want and how you want the overall end product to look. The second consultation can be used for both of you to meet at a later time and bring forward the results of your brainstorming. These are your ideas, sample colors, pictures of other projects, drawings, and a perfect color combination. Doing two consultations is much better because it allows for the brainstorming process to reach a final end product as opposed to just throwing some color on the walls and hoping for the best. As a final note on color, another good rule of thumb is to go with your initial, favorite color, especially if you are having a hard time deciding on multiple colors. Remember, a painting contractor can provide advice, but you will have to be the one who loves the color!
  3. When you are communicating with your painting contractor, be sure they are really taking in what you are saying. Make sure they are not just answering yes to your statements but that they are really getting an idea of what you’re saying. If you have to, approach your ideas from multiple different angles and go over them multiple different times. It could be difficult to get someone else to have the same vision as you, but if you take your time, go over it multiple times, and check with your contractor to make sure they are following with you, you will be able to get them on the same page as you.
  4. Another tip on how to communicate best with your painting contractor doesn’t really have to do with communication at all. It has to do with picking the right contractor in the first place. There are actually more than one different type of painting contractor out there. A lot of homeowners don’t realize this. On the one hand, you have what is called Production Painters. These painters work incredibly fast, and are skilled in being able to paint large buildings and do large projects, especially commercial projects, and all in a very short period of time too. However, they won’t necessarily take the time and put the attention and intention into precisely duplicating exactly how you want the finished product to look in your home. On the other hand, you have high-end, Detailed Painters. These painters generally speaking take more time to do the projects, and have an attention to detail and a perfectionist attitude towards their painting. They pride themselves on their detailed finished work, and while they might not tackle projects as big or as huge as commercial buildings as a Production Painter well, they specialize in getting the exact end result that the client wants. Hiring Detail Painters is a wise choice because they are also more well-rounded and well-versed in the various styles of painting and the many techniques for getting different results too.
  5. This last tip may seem like common sense but it is often forgotten. When picking a painting contractor and trying to communicate with them on what you want, don’t go for the guy who gives you the cheapest price. Go for the guy who is the most receptive to you, the most friendly, and the one who communicates and understands your ideas the best. If you have one individual who offers a lower price but is hard to communicate with and who you find yourself having a hard time getting your ideas across to, but you also have another individual who is easy to communicate with and who perfectly understands is able to conceptualize your thoughts but is more expensive, go with the latter. You’ll be happy with the end result in the long run, and when all the work is said and done, you will be very happy that you paid the extra price to hire a true professional who can communicate well with you and who can do the job right.

At Hall Painting Services, we pride ourselves on our communication skills, our professionalism, and our ability to understand and get a clear idea of exactly what our clients want from us. We have over 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial painting, and we specialize in high-end, detail work. We offer free estimates and as much color consultation as needed to put together the perfect plan for your next painting project. We look forward to serving you, and to working with you on getting exactly what you want out of your next painting adventure! Call us today at 727-692 2926 for a free estimate.

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