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House Painting Estimate

Both residential and commercial house painters should provide a house painting estimate. Anyone that wants their residence or business professionally painted should get one. A house painting estimate is a general break down of the total cost to paint a house. It includes material costs as well as man-hours, custom work layouts and any other data relevant to getting the job done.

When a professional painting company does a house painting estimate they should follow several guidelines listed below to ensure they are giving the client what they want:

  • Doing an initial meeting with the client to see exactly what the client needs and wants out of the job. The contractor should make sure he understands the vision the client has for the interior or exterior that is being painted.
  • A general walk through or inspection of the area being painted. A contractor should check out the area to alert the client of water damage, uneven surfaces or areas that may need prep work like exteriors that need cleaned or pressure washed before paint is applied. The area should also be looked at to determine how many coats of paint should be applied and how much primer should be used. This is especially important if the room was painted a dark color and the paint change is a much lighter color.
  • Based on the above the contractor should also lay out what materials are needed for the job when doing a house painting estimate. This includes not only paint but other painting supplies, prep supplies and tarps, tape and cleaning supplies. Many exterior paint jobs need pressure washing before paint is applied.
  • The estimate should also include the amount of time the job should take. Not all jobs are the same and a job may take a few days more or a few days less depending but having a general idea is beneficial for both the company and the contractor to know how long a painting job will take.
  • Placing the above elements together will allow the contractor to put together a basic house painting estimate. Then the contractor will usually meet with the client to sign an initial contract and start on the job.

    Estimates For House Painting And Price Changes

    Due to unforeseen problems like old surfaces, wall damage, water problems or the general state of the area a change of price may occur. A good painting contractor will alert you about this immediately and will go over the exact problem and reasons for a possible price change.

    One of the most important things that a client needs regarding a professional painting job is a job that is done right. A small change at the beginning of a job like patching a wall or cleaning a surface or repairing water damage can save a ton of time and money down the road.

    Not correctly cleaning a space before painting or repairing an uneven surface can cause paint to look uneven and the client will not be able to get the benefits out of the painting job that they need and want.

    Having the interior or exterior of your home professionally painted can increase property value for any homeowner. It can make a home more inviting and desirable to others that see it.

    What Is A Professional Painting Estimate

    Hall Painting Services offers a free and no obligation in house consultation and house painting estimate. We cover all of the bases mentioned above and look forward to doing a quality job on any exterior or interior painting job.

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