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5 Painting Trends to Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

May 08, 2017 0 comment
bathroom painting trends
Painting Trends to Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams A very well designed and well-painted bathroom is the upper scale of perfection and sophistication, and a beautiful, well painted, and well-decorated bathroom can say a lot about the house. Bathrooms are an area to really take your time with and have a very professional paint […]

Trim Painting Trends to Liven Up Your Home Décor

May 01, 2017 0 comment
trim painting
Trim Painting Trends Without a doubt, one of the easiest, quickest, the most affordable way to completely change the look of the interior or exterior of a home is through painting. Painting is an art just as much as it is a trade, and with it being so artistic in its application it definitely does […]

5 of Your Biggest Paint Color Dilemmas Solved

Apr 17, 2017 0 comment
paint colors
Paint Color Dilemmas Painting the interior or exterior of the home is perhaps one of the most rewarding yet most difficult aspects of home improvement.  The tricky thing about painting is that, whether you hire it out or not, it can still be frustrating.  Unlike other home improvement jobs, when you hire it out, there […]

The Benefits of Neutrals in Home Painting

Apr 03, 2017 0 comment
Neutrals in Home Painting There are a lot of different ideas and feeling about color when it comes to painting, and different ideas have come and gone with the times.  Some years certain color schemes and styles will be very “In” and other times they won’t.  A color trend that is on its way out […]

4 Paint Ideas for Your Kitchen’s Backsplash

Mar 27, 2017 0 comment
Why a Backsplash matters A kitchen’s backsplash serves a lot of different purposes.  One of those purposes is that it acts as a focal point in any kitchen, and it can draw attention to a kitchen in a good way, draw attention to a kitchen in a bad way, or not be particularly interesting or […]

Top 5 Paint Trends to Update Your Office Building

Mar 20, 2017 0 comment
Consider Paint Trends Nothing freshens up an office space and gives it a whole new look like a fresh coat of paint does.  A new paint job in an office space gives the whole space a clean and new look.  It improves the morale of the employees too because they are then motivated to do […]