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Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces

Jul 10, 2017 0 comment
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Best Paint Colors for use in Small Spaces

We know for certain that painting a room has all kinds of benefits for that room. Painting a room cleans the space up and gives it a new, fresh, uncluttered, inviting look. Paint colors can give a room a totally different feel and can make the space look quite nice. We know that freshly coating a room with new paint will increase the lifespan of the ceilings, walls, and trim in that space. Freshly coating a space with paint also increases the value of the home too.

When it comes to painting a room, a house, or any surface really for that matter, whether it is an interior or an exterior space, the biggest stumbling block that people face is how to pick their colors for that space. Selecting colors properly can and will make all the difference in how the overall look comes out in the long run. For this reason, people often spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get exactly the right color that they want out of a space.

Paint Colors

Paint colors are important, not only for the look of the place but for the personal preference of the homeowner too. Whether one is trying to decide on interior paint colors or exterior paint colors, the decision is an important one, and people should take their time in their selection.

When it comes to picking colors, people often wonder what to do for color in a small space. A small space needs to have color well selected for it, as that will make a very big difference in how the overall look of the space comes out. Here are the basic rules of thumb on picking a color for a small space:

  • Go with a sharp color, not a dull one. Dull colors really minimize a small space, which is unfortunate. It is actually more important that you pick sharp, bold colors where you decide the color than it is to stress over which specific color to use. Picking color for a small space needs to be about the quality of the color more so than the actual color picked.
  • Create a focal wall. This is great for bathrooms and kitchens. For the longest time, people thought that they could only use focal walls in bigger rooms. Not so. You can actually use focal walls wherever you want, and focal walls are just as great in small spaces as in big ones. To improve a small space, try using a focal wall to really give the space a very unique sheen and look to it.
  • Experiment with different colors. Again, there are no specific colors that are better for small spaces than any others. The best tip is to get two-ounce samples of different colors and to put those in the small space to get an idea of what a full paint job there would look like.
  • Try using black. If we are going to make a recommendation for a color, we’ll say…. black! As crazy as that might sound, black walls with bold, white trim in a small bathroom, closet, or hallway really does look impressive.

Are you getting ready to paint a small space but can’t decide on a color? Call Hall Painting Services today at (727) 692-2926 to bring in some help on your project. We have over fifteen years of experience in detailed, high-end painting, and we can make recommendations on how to go about painting that small, but very, very important space. We’d be happy to take a look at your project, and to paint it for you too!

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