Five Tips for Choosing the Best Foyer Color for Your Home

Painting might just be one of the best “dealer’s choice” home improvement projects out there, because personal preference weighs into your choices and options so much. When people consider how to go about improving their home through painting, they have just about as many different options as there are colors of paint and then some. From what kinds of styles to go with to sheens to colors of paint to methods of application, this is truly a home improvement area where homeowners can take the reigns and truly decide for themselves exactly how they are going to approach it.

Painting Small Spaces

Painting small spaces…. People often wonder how to paint small spaces, and they struggle with trying to decide on colors for small rooms that will make those rooms pop to a degree, but not in such a way that it takes away from other rooms.

When painting an entryway, there are really two, key ways to approach this, and it depends on what kind of entryway or foyer you have. For a small foyer, consider the following tips:

  • With a small foyer or entryway, you want to really make a point to make your decisions regarding that color about taking attention off of it, and more so towards a lead on to the larger rooms in the house.
  • If your foyer is a narrow hallway towards larger spaces, you want to pick a neutral, almost natural color that similarly aligns with your floors, trim, doors, art, and ceilings.
  • It is wise to, with a small entryway, to pair the color in the entryway with the colors of the larger rooms, but to make the entryway a shade darker so as to draw more attention to the larger spaces.

For a large foyer or entryway, consider the following tips:

  • If you have a large foyer or entryway, or if your front door opens into the main, great room of the home, then you will want to make sure that your entryway or foyer color is very bold and very pronounced. You want this color to by and large be the focal point for your space in such a way that the overall color is very pronounced and very pleasant looking.
  • For a large foyer or entryway it is best to go with bright off whites, light grays, warm beiges, and other similar colors. These reflect light and naturally brighten a space, giving a warm and comforting feel overall.

When trying to figure out what colors to paint a home, there are certainly many different kinds of options and choices that one can pick and choose from. The above tips are only just a few ways that one can use to guide them in making these decisions. Ultimately, there will be many different ways and means for properly selecting a color, and homeowner preference weighs a lot into the overall choice made.

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