5 Reasons Your Home Looks Outdated

There are a lot of ways a house can look great, and a lot of ways that a house can look not all that great too. Really, for homeowners to try to understand all of these various factors and issues is pretty tricky and difficult, and this is why now more so than perhaps ever before people are always thinking with different styles and ideas and different things that they can do for their home to make it look better overall.

As often as homeowners need to be thinking with what styles make their home look new and interesting, they also need to be thinking with what styles make the home look outdated too. Listed below are five sure fire signs of an area or aspect of a home being outdated:

  1. Wood stained cabinets. As much as we might like the natural grain wood look in our upper and lower kitchen cabinets, this look is not that common any more. A dark, mahogany look is still in style, but the light stained maple, pine, or oak cabinets is thought to be a lot less interesting and exciting than it used to be.
  2. Wallpaper borders. Wallpaper on an entire wall is one thing. But just a wallpaper border? This is a style from the 1980s and 1990s that is just plain not being done anymore. Wallpaper borders are pretty out of style. They might look good in a home, but only if that home is using a lot of other dated styles too.
  3. Sponge and faux finish painting. This look certainly had its height for awhile, but now there has been a pretty strong dip down in interest for this particular look and style. Now, people are far more interested in more bold, flat, chic looks on their walls.
  4. You wouldn’t think it would be the case but, certain colors can even be outdated, such as hunter green, mauve, and peach. Nowadays people are more interested in tasteful, neutral colors that do not make a bold or striking impression.
  5. Old fashioned cabinet pulls, doorknobs, faucets, spigots, hinges etc. though these are all small and seemingly insignificant, they actually do make a pretty strong impression on the overall datedness of the home. It is best to update these factors and aspects of the home sooner rather than later, as it will create an instantaneous change for the better.

Professional Paint Job

A professional paint job is the best way by far to make a home look updated and fresh. A home paint job, whether interior or exterior, instantly does wonders for updating the home in such a way that is workable and effective. To get a home as clean and fresh and good looking as possible, call Hall Painting Services today at (727) 692-2926 for free paint job estimates. At Hall Painting Services, we have over fifteen years of experience painting high end homes in Pinellas country, and our expertise extends outwards to any field or area of painting. We can take on all jobs big and small, interior and exterior, residential and commercial alike. Our experienced painters approach each painting project with care and resilience and a level of quality that is unheard of.

This time of year, right before tax season and the end of the year, is a great time of the year to invest a little bit of time and money into improving one’s home. Call Hall Painting Services today for a free estimate and color consultation. Painting is not only one of the most affordable home improvement projects, it’s also one of the most fun too!