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4 Ways a Professional Paint Job Can Revitalize Your Home’s Closets

Mar 06, 2017 0 comment

A Paint Job

Without a doubt, the single best way to breathe new life into a space is by giving it a fresh paint job.  This is an effective approach that gives any space an entirely new and better look that can be done quickly, is low-impact on the rest of the home, and does not cost an arm and a leg.  A lot of people paint new colors in their rooms even if the space does not necessitate a new paint job.  They put the colors up there regardless, because they want something different and a new, refreshing for themselves look overall.

However, what a lot of homeowners forget is to paint their closets.  For most people, chances are they have multiple closets throughout the house, and also for most homes, chances are those closets have not been painted since the home was built.  Chances are, the closets are still the same, cheap, off-white color the building contractor had put in there when the home was first built.  Now, consider painting the closets with a fresh coat of paint to give it a new look and to further protect the space.

Revitalizing Closets with New Paint Colors

There are really four different types of closets in a house, and all four should be painted and given the same attention as the rest of the home.

  • Clothes closet.  You are probably in and out of your clothes closet every single day.  This is where you keep a lot of your things after all.  Consider painting it a similar color to your bedroom walls to complement that space, or consider painting it an off white or a gray to complement the clothes and the different items that are in there.
  • Linen closet.  A freshly painted linen closet can add a great look to your bathroom.  If you have all white linens, consider a light blue or gray to really accent the white linens.  If you don’t want the closet to pop so much, keep it neutral and toned down with off whites.
  • Pantry.  People who are in your kitchen will end up in the pantry or will see into it in some way.  You can ensure that such persons are impressed with the pantry by painting it newly with colors that accent the kitchen.
  • Coat closet.  Your coat closet near your front door is another closet that should get taken care of sooner rather than later.  This closet probably gets a significant amount of bumps and bruises, perhaps more so than the others.  Just another good reason to paint the coat closet and get it fresh and ready for more guests.

These are just four examples of closets in your home that could use a new look and a new life.  Breath some new life into your space with fresh coats of paint in the closets, and the entire space that is your home will improve as a result of it.  Also, you will feel better about the space too and you will be happier in it as a result too.  In the end, it is a win-win situation for all involved.

As a final note, when painting a closet be sure to use a tougher, enamel paint.  Satin, eggshell or semi-gloss is usually recommended.  However, flat paints and matte finish paints are generally speaking not as effective as tougher enamel paint is.  Keep in mind how much movement and shifting of things occurs in closets, so use the right paint to ensure the longest life possible and give you the most enjoyment possible. Contact us today at (727) 692-2926 to schedule a visit and get quoted today!

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