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2017 Interior and Exterior Color Trends

Dec 26, 2016 0 comment

Color Trends

The New Year is almost upon us, so a big question on many homeowners’ minds is what type of color they are going to paint with in 2016.  Thinking about a new bedroom or bathroom look?  Considering a full interior or exterior repaint?  Either way, color trends come and go with time, and certain colors that might have been popular this year might not be incredibly popular in the New Year.

Homeowners and painters alike always strive to keep up to date on the most interesting colors of the day.  Personal preference is, of course, a big factor in anyone’s home, but the style of the day also weighs heavily on the minds of many homeowners when they are considering a new paint job.

For some quick ideas on some colors that are coming into popularity, consider the five following colors:

  1. Red is an important color for many cultures and geographic areas.  It is also a color that has been gaining popularity year after year, slowly but surely.  This color symbolizes action, confidence, and courage as well as passion and energy.  For 2017, expect to see a resurgence in a multicultural red representing courage and bravery and overall interest and excitement in the future.
  2. A happy, harvest-influenced yellow will also make the rounds, which is interesting because yellow was almost completely off the map for years.  However, it is making a comeback indeed.  This rich yellow tone that is really more of a dull yellow than a bright yellow has a hint of earthiness and works well with a grounded blue and an earthy twist on a classic red too.
  3. Bold blues are also becoming more and more interesting, especially on more expansive and open rooms.  Too strong of a blue can take away from an overall look in a small room, but if one does an accent wall in blue then the look is quite wonderful.
  4. Riding the tails of this palette’s positivity and optimism, yellow-green works as an uplifting accent too.  In fact, yellow-tinted greens are one of the most exciting colors in 2016, and they are sure to make an even bigger statement in 2017 too.
  5. Gray will still be popular, as it almost always is.  This time around though it’ll make an appearance in a bit of a warmer hue that belies more of a comfortable and less of an urban, industrial feel. This gray mirrors cement, evoking clean slates and new beginnings for its residents. It acts as a great backdrop to bold hues as well, so it can be used with reds and blues as well.

Regardless of which color you pick for your home, it is encouraged to hire a professional painting contractor to help out with the project.  Not only are they able to deliver excellent results, but they are also very good at helping to pick colors out too or for providing a second opinion to homeowners. It will not be money wasted when you choose a professional painting company over deciding to do a DIY project.

A home is no small project and you want to make sure a paint job lasts. Contact Hall Painting Services today to schedule an appointment for a quote and ready those color trend paint samples!

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