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Top 5 Paint Trends to Update Your Office Building

Mar 20, 2017 0 comment

Consider Paint Trends

Nothing freshens up an office space and gives it a whole new look like a fresh coat of paint does.  A new paint job in an office space gives the whole space a clean and new look.  It improves the morale of the employees too because they are then motivated to do better work and to be more consistent and to have a better time at work in general.

It has been found that the color combinations and the quality of color and paint in a space can affect the moods of those who are using that space.  An old, dirty, dull, scratched, peeling, scraped, and scuffed paint job will lower the mood of those who are using that space.  This is just the way it is when it comes to a workspace.  Some colors can also be distracting, whereas some color combinations are actually conducive to more production and more activity within the workplace.

Listed below are five great tips to work with when updating the paint job in an office space.

  1. Start with Very Sleek and Smooth Blacks and Whites.  You can never go wrong with a combination of blacks and whites.  This back and forth combo are excellent.  Using different colors can work too, but sticking with a simple yet effective black and white combo is almost always workable.
  2. Work with Different Contrasts.  Similar to the black and white combo, there are other color combos that can be very effective and very workable.  Grays and blues, for example, are very smooth, as well as dull yellows and olive greens.  Stay away from really strong colors like red, bright yellow, or really dark colors.  You don’t want to suck up all of the light in a space, and you definitely do not want the color to distract your employees from their work!
  3. Add Splashes of Color in the Form of Accent Walls.  Nothing says sophistication like an accent wall.  Well-placed accent walls in an office space can do wonders for the overall look of an office, and they can really make a difference in how the space looks and the sophistication of that space.
  4. Take the Extra Time to Put Color Psychology to Work in Your Office.  It’s not a bad idea to hire a professional painting contractor to help you decide on what colors will work best for your office rooms.  Certain colors are positive, and certain colors are negative.  It all depends on the room, the lighting, and the style of the office space.  There is no such thing as a “bad” color, but a professional painting contractor will be able to help you decide which colors to use and which ones to stay away from.
  5. Chalkboard and Whiteboard Paints for Presentations and Meetings.  Did you know that you can paint a chalkboard or a whiteboard onto a wall?  That’s right.  You can paint a chalkboard or a whiteboard onto a regular, dry walled, painted wall.  This is great because you don’t have to buy chalkboards or whiteboards and you don’t have to spend your time putting holes in the wall and hanging such a board.  The best part about a painted on chalkboard or whiteboard too is that the surface looks the exact same, does not change the color, and does not change the overall look.  It is the best of all of the worlds.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to take every advantage that you can to get the best production out of your employees and to have your office space looking as good as it can possibly look.  Take the above tips and may your space never be the same again!

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