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The Benefits of Neutrals in Home Painting

Apr 03, 2017 0 comment

Neutrals in Home Painting

There are a lot of different ideas and feeling about color when it comes to painting, and different ideas have come and gone with the times.  Some years certain color schemes and styles will be very “In” and other times they won’t.  A color trend that is on its way out now is that of using very bold colors, very strong colors, and very “popping” colors.  Now, this is not to say that an accent wall here and a splash of color there is considered totally not okay, but definitely, the extensive and the heavy use of color is a trend that is fading.

Now, the focus is going more towards using neutral colors instead, and towards trying to sort of tie everything in, and then use other things within the room to catch the gaze of the eye.  Most homeowners now focus on using simple but elegant and refined colors to paint the room, and then using furniture, art, plants, throw rugs, tile, floors, and trim to accent the room, as opposed to the painted surfaces themselves.

  • There are a lot of different reasons for doing things this way, and there are a lot of different incentives to keep the painted colors neutral.  For example, painted colors always seem to grow old after a while, especially if they are very bold.  The way to keep excitement and interest in a space is to keep the color more neutral.  People often think that they should paint with a bold color, but they do not realize that they most likely will be sick of it after a few months or a year.  With this in mind, it is better to make the eye catchers things like furniture, art, rugs, accessories, plants, etc.  After all, it is a lot easier to swap out a piece of furniture than it is to repaint a whole room.
  • People just never seem to grow tired of neutral colors.  They think that they will, but the reality is that they more often simply grow used to it, and it stops grabbing their attention so much like bolder colors tend to do.  People often complain of bolder colors distracting them too much, and making it hard for them to focus and concentrate.  With neutral colors, a warm, inviting, comfortable essence is achieved, and one that is not too distracting.
  • Neutral colors also offer opportunity and possibility.  With really bold colors, you automatically limit yourself in what you can do with those colors, as far as decorating and designing the rest of the room goes.  With neutral colors, the sky is the limit with what you want to do with the rest of the room.
  • Neutral colors work for almost any style.  Modernistic, industrial, old fashioned, colonial, Victorian, traditional, neutral colors can work well with all of these different styles.  Just pick the neutral color, get it painted, and start designing and furnishing!

Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

Hall Painting Services is ready and available for all of your painting needs.  We are fully equipped to paint any color that you want, be it neutral or bold.  We are also qualified and experienced color consultants, and we can provide advice and ideas if you are unsure as to which color you want to pursue.  We can consult with you based off of what you ultimately want to do with the space being painted, and we can help you arrive at a decision on which colors to use.

If you need help with your next painting project, feel free to call us at (727) 692-2926.

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