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Psychology of Color: What Paint Colors Create an Emotionally Healthy Home

May 15, 2017 0 comment
psychology of color

What Paint Colors Create an Emotionally Healthy Home?

Now this truly is an interesting prospect here.  The psychology of color.  Can you imagine that there would be such a thing?  As the psychology of color?  We wouldn’t normally think of this, but it is definitely true.  Just like with other things that come across our senses that have a positive or negative effect on our senses, there is also something to be said for color.  Color, as sensations go, actually does create a powerful effect on our senses.

What is truly interesting about the aspect of color is that it has a very different effect on our senses than other things do.  Most things create an immediate stimulus response for us, which creates an immediate good or bad response.  Take, for example, eating something tasty.  Boom.  You take the first bite and it’s an immediate response.  No question about it.  This can work in the opposite direction, such as smelling an open septic line while walking down the street.  Boom.  Instant negative response.

Colors do not work that way.  Colors have far more subconscious yet long lasting effects on the mind, the consciousness, the mood, the soul.  Colors can create very different feelings in a person, sometimes good, sometimes bad.  The keynote, however, is that colors will create various feelings and sensations based off of a person’s tastes to some degree, but mostly because of the color itself and how it projects itself.

The keynote here is that colors can actually have a very strong effect, whether we instantly notice it or not.  For that reason, it’s important to pay attention to what colors “work” for a space and which ones do not work.

Best Paint Colors for a Home

Great interior paint colors are sometimes tricky to pick out.  There are literally thousands of options.  To get you started, listed below are just a few quick tips for making your next big color selection:

  • Warm, earthy tones are often great for a living room or foyer. These are colors like red, yellows, oranges, earth tones, browns, and beiges.  These colors are thought to inspire warmth and invitation and are thought to bring people together and get them conversing comfortably.
  • For the kitchen, and especially if you are on a diet, be sure to stay away from red! Red stimulates the sensation to eat more and more, hence why we often see reds in our restaurants.  For kitchens, it is best to go with the colors that you remember to be the most comforting from your childhood or to stick with simple off whites and let the fixtures, cabinets, appliances, and countertops make the kitchen impressive and comfortable.
  • For the dining room, and especially if you plan on having guests over a lot, go for broke, and make a bold impression with strong reds, yellows, or blues.
  • For the bedroom, keep it cool and relaxing, as these are places for rest and relaxation anyway. Cool blues, purples, lavenders, greens, and grays promote relaxation and peace of mind.
  • For the bathroom, blues, greens, and turquoise colors are best, because they give the sensation of cleanliness and purity.

Creating the Best Color Psychology with Hall Painting Services

Do you want to create the best color psychology in your home?  Call Hall Painting Services today at 727-692-2926 for a free house painting quote.  We are a professional painting company with over fifteen years of experience in high-end and custom painting projects, and we will see to it that your home has the best color psychology possible.

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