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How a Professional Paint Job Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

Apr 10, 2017 0 comment

Paint Job

Are you getting ready to sell your home?  Are you in the process of trying to sell your home?  Are you considering selling your home later on this year?  If you are at any stage of the home selling process, you need to know the benefits a new paint job can have on not only getting you a better price for your home, but also for selling your home much faster.

Surveyed realtors admit that unnatural colors on walls, old colors, dirty walls, and ceilings, scuffed and dull trim, or wallpapered walls are all deterrents in the eyes of prospective buyers.  Realtors will even recommend that homeowners apply a fresh coat of paint to their walls, ceilings, and trim in an effort to increase the appeal of a home.

It’s All About the Visual Appeal

New, neutral, fresh, bright, and clean colors in a home make all of the difference.  Fresh paint has the power to completely change the appearance of a home.  Fresh paint can make a room look bigger.  Fresh paint can make a room look brighter.  Fresh paint can make a room look newer.  Fresh paint can make a room look cleaner.  Fresh paint can make a room look interesting and pleasant as opposed to dull.  Fresh paint can make a room look welcoming and warm.  Fresh paint can make a room look exciting and interesting as opposed to unpleasant.

So much of buying a home is so much more than the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms.  A truly successful home sale will involve a seller selling their home to a buyer who has truly fallen in love with the home.  When a buyer is truly in love with a home, they will pay more for it, and everyone is happy that way.  Repainting a house is the best way to give a house the look that it needs to have to really make potential buyers excited about it.

A new color that is neutral, modern, clean, and warm is the way to go to achieve a look that is truly pleasant.  A new color is also clean, bright, scuff-free, scratch-free, and dirt-free.  New paint on the ceilings adds brightness to the room.  New paint on the walls creates a new color that will be warm and appealing to any eye, as opposed to appealing to only a select few.  New paint on the trim makes the trim pop and really stand out in such a way that the entire space looks more fancy, aesthetic, and welcoming.

Why Buyers are Drawn Towards Homes with New Paint Jobs

Prospective buyers who are looking at your home do not want to think about the fact that many people have lived there before.  They want to think about how it will be their home, and how it is a new home, not a used and lived-in home.  Updating the paint job in your house accomplishes this feeling in buyers more so than any other update project that you could do before putting your house up for sale.

Contact Hall Painting Services Before You Sell!

Hiring a painting contractor is the best way to prepare a home for listing.  When you are getting ready to sell and move out, it’s best to leave the job of painting the house to the professionals.  The crew at Hall Painting Services can get this job done quickly and at a good price.  The Hall Painting Services team will give the entire home a whole new look, and the best part is, you will get a better price for your house as a result and the paint job will pay for itself.  Call Hall Painting Services today at (727) 692-2926.

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