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Why Should I Prime Before I Paint

Aug 21, 2014 0 comment
Why Should I Prime I just had a client ask me what the real purpose was for priming a surface? I kindly told him that the main reason that you have to do this is to get your actual coat of paint to stick and stay on the surface. Priming is a key step that […]

Painting Price Versus Product

Aug 21, 2014 0 comment
Price Versus Product If we have the inside or outside of our home or business that needs painted we could probably do it ourselves. That’s what many people think that call us for professional painting. The truth is that you can do most home/office improvement projects yourself but you have to look at what the […]

Professional Painting Change Orders

Aug 21, 2014 0 comment
Change Orders You had one thing in mind; a color for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.You had one thing in mind; a color for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Or you didn’t realize that something in your home would need to be prepped or rehabilitated before it was painted. What do you do? In the […]

Welcome To Our Painting Services Blog

Jan 21, 2014 0 comment
Our Painting Services Blog Thanks for checking out our Hall Painting Services Blog. Hall Painting Services has been built from hard work and dedication in the Tampa Bay area for over 5 years now. We have been able to have some really great experiences over the years working with many unique clients. Hall Painting Services […]
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