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Water-based, Oil-based & Latex Paint: Learn the Differences

Jan 16, 2017 0 comment
Water-based, Oil-based & Latex Paint The differences between water-based paint and oil-based paint are pretty extreme, and it’s important to know the differences between the two before one begins a new painting project.  Not only does one need to know true differences between these so that they can make a decision as to which paint […]

5 Secrets to Cleaning Freshly Painted Walls

Jan 09, 2017 0 comment
Freshly Painted Walls Probably one of the last things that anyone who gets newly painted walls wants to do is clean those walls.  We’ll put it off and off and off and off for weeks or even several months (not really a bad idea actually as freshly painted walls need a chance to cure) and […]

Best Office Paint Colors to Improve Focus and Productivity

Jan 02, 2017 0 comment
Your Office There’s a lot to be said for giving your office a facelift and for improving the overall color scheme of the office.  Having a freshly painted office can also improve the focus of your employees and improve the morale of the organization too.  The look becomes really pleasant and really unique and new. […]

2017 Interior and Exterior Color Trends

Dec 26, 2016 0 comment
Color Trends The New Year is almost upon us, so a big question on many homeowners’ minds is what type of color they are going to paint with in 2016.  Thinking about a new bedroom or bathroom look?  Considering a full interior or exterior repaint?  Either way, color trends come and go with time, and […]

The Health Risks Associated with Lead Paint

Dec 19, 2016 0 comment
Health Risks Associated with Lead Paint Though this is an issue that is becoming steadily less and less prevalent, it is still very true that homeowners need to bear in mind the risks of lead-based paint.  Lead-based paint is interior or exterior paint that has some percentage of lead in it, creating a dangerous and […]

5 Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your House

Dec 12, 2016 0 comment
Signs it’s Time to Repaint Your House As much as we might not like to think about it, as homeowners, we all know that no paint job is a permanent thing.  Even the best paint job possible will still need to be gone over in a matter of years.  Paint surfaces on the exterior of […]

The Best Time to Paint During a Renovation

Dec 05, 2016 0 comment
Best Time to Paint During a Renovation When a home renovation project is coming to a close, one of the biggest questions that people start asking is, “When do I call the painters in?”  This question gets argued about back and forth over various schools of thought on the matter.  Granted, painting is definitely one […]

Painted Cabinets: The Latest Trend in Kitchen Revitalization

Nov 28, 2016 0 comment
The Latest Trend in Kitchen Revitalization Painting trends come and go as the decades pass, bringing different styles and different features that arouse excitement with each passing trend.  One of the more popular trends that has been ongoing for many, many years now is that of painted cabinets.  Prior to the turn of the century, […]
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