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Best Exterior Paints for Homes in Hurricane Territory

Aug 14, 2017 0 comment
exterior paints
Best Exterior Paints for Homes that are in Hurricane Territory Painting a home, while being one of the best and most cost effective things that one can do for their home, does involve a fair amount of decision making on the part of the homeowners. Painting a home, whether you decide to paint the exterior […]

Is it Necessary to Paint Your Garage Floor

Aug 07, 2017 0 comment
garage floor painting
Is it Necessary to Paint Your Garage Floor? As painters, one of the questions that we get asked the most, especially when we are painting the exterior of a home or the interior of a garage is, “Should we paint our garage floor?” Many times, the specific home and garage play a part in whether […]

Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces

Jul 10, 2017 0 comment
small space colors
Best Paint Colors for use in Small Spaces We know for certain that painting a room has all kinds of benefits for that room. Painting a room cleans the space up and gives it a new, fresh, uncluttered, inviting look. Paint colors can give a room a totally different feel and can make the space […]

The Rules of Painting

Jul 03, 2017 0 comment
rules of painting
Rules for Painting Painting is a rewarding activity, one of which is relatively straightforward in the application and which creates instantaneous results on your home. Painting your home, whether it is the interior or the exterior of the home, is a project that can produce a great look and a very pleasant result for those […]

How to Avoid Exterior Painting Mistakes

Jun 26, 2017 0 comment
exterior painting mistakes
How to Avoid Exterior Painting Mistakes? Painting the exterior of a home can be a very fun and rewarding activity.  Completing an exterior painting project creates a totally unique look for a home and something that is truly exciting for those who engage in it.  Painting the exterior of a home is an activity that […]

Ideas for Painting Your Stairs

Jun 19, 2017 0 comment
staircase painting
Some Ideas for Painting Your Stairs Homeowners are always trying to find ways to spruce up their homes and make them more appealing.  They are often looking for quick ideas and simple looks that will make all the difference in a home’s overall aura and appeal.  For many homeowners, they often turn to thoughts of […]