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5 Ways a Paint Job Can Improve the Look of Your Deck

Apr 24, 2017 0 comment
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Ways a Paint Job Can Improve the Look of Your Deck

Most homeowners want the curb appeal of their house to be as good as it can be.  That’s why the exterior paint job of a home is so very important.  And not even just the exterior paint job of a house either, but have you considered the paint or stain job of your deck?  That can be just as important, and in a lot of ways even more important, than other factors of your home’s exterior.  Nothing is more unattractive than a beat up, sun-baked, rotted out, unpleasant deck.

Redoing a deck with a stain, varnish, sealant, or paint can make all the difference in its look, especially if the proper refinishing steps are taken to give it a truly exquisite, fresh, and a new look.  Here are some ways that a fresh paint job can improve the look of a deck:

  1. A new color on a deck simply makes it look newer, and it will add appeal and a certain luster to the deck itself, making it look more inviting and making it draw the eye of passersby too.  A new color on a deck is quite pleasant because it totally changes the look of the deck and gives the feeling that the deck was just put in.
  2. A very cool trend for exterior decks is to paint on the design of a rug, or other colors onto the deck.  Simply using some masking tape here and there to demarcate where the “rug” is will make this an easy and fun job to do.
  3. Another interesting trend for decks is to use striping and to actually paint the deck with a combination of two different colors to achieve a very specific and very interesting look that is altogether special and unique.  This creates a very pleasant, two-tone pattern on the deck itself.
  4. A checkerboard pattern is also easily attainable, and this gives the appearance of tiles on the deck itself.  A checkerboard look is nice because it is very different from the norm without being excessively flashy or too eye-catching.
  5. Another way a freshly painted deck can act as a huge improvement is if you are planning on selling your home.  If you are going to sell, then you want the look of the home, both exterior and interior, to be as good as it can possibly be.  You want the best look that you can get, so you can get the best price possible for your house.  Painting a deck is a quick and easy way to add to the overall value of your home.

Hire Hall Painting Services for a Professional Paint Job

Interested in getting your deck painted?  Consider leaving it up to the professionals at Hall Painting Services.  This company can provide free house painting estimates, and they can easily offer excellent rates and time schedules too.

Painting a deck creates a huge change in a short period of time, and all done relatively affordably too.  It may be tedious for one or two people to paint a deck, but Hall Painting Services makes quick work of it.  A job such as this is often best left to the professionals for other reasons too, as a great deal of know-how in terms of product, application, and overall efficiency is very necessary and needed to get the job done exactly right.

If you are considering doing a special design on your deck or if you just want to get it painted and make it look fresh, call Hall Painting Services today at 727-692-2926.

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