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5 Painting Trends to Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

May 08, 2017 0 comment
bathroom painting trends

Painting Trends to Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

A very well designed and well-painted bathroom is the upper scale of perfection and sophistication, and a beautiful, well painted, and well-decorated bathroom can say a lot about the house. Bathrooms are an area to really take your time with and have a very professional paint job done on it because it is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house. It is also a room that guests will almost always see.

Properly painting a bathroom is a bit of an art form in and of itself. Not only does the color choice make a big difference, but how you combine the color choice with the decoration of the bathroom also matters a lot, as does what type of sheen of paint that you use.  It’s easy to revitalize paint in the bathroom.  Listed below are five quick tips and trends for how to get the bathroom of your dreams:

  • A great way to paint a bathroom is to use light blues and off-white accents. A light blue, sky blue, or baby blue on the walls with white trim is ideal for bathrooms. It keeps the room light and gives a refreshing, cleansing feel. Very appropriate for a bathroom.
  • Another trend for bathrooms is to use a semi-gloss or eggshell paint on the ceilings. Most of the time, a strong white is preferred. The look is excellent because not only does the shininess of the sheen reflect light into a small space, but an eggshell or semi-gloss paint also creates a strong enamel shell that repels moisture and water.
  • Where it is generally advised to use more simple colors that are not distracting in other areas of the home, the bathroom is the one place where you can get a little creative. Stencil designs near the backsplash and around the mirror are a sure-fire way to make your bathroom looks unique. This could be done in any color; the only keynote is to not overdo it. Three or four stencils for a small bathroom are perfect as if five or six stencils for a big bathroom.
  • For more modernistic bathrooms, a creamy off-white is usually quite desirable. If you want the focus of your bathroom to be on the countertop, the shower or bathtub, or the various other decorative items, go with a creamy off-white that will keep the room well-lit but will not be too distracting.
  • Because bathrooms tend to attract so much water, a lot of people will go with a combination of tile and paint. This is another good opportunity to get creative.  Get creative with your bathroom, and you can make the tile backsplash tie in with the paint color very well. As a general rule, keep the color of the paint a similar color that is being used on the tile floor.

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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Painting a bathroom can be a very fun project and can really change the feel of the space.  Call us today to get started on your dream bathroom paint job!

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