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4 Paint Ideas for Your Kitchen’s Backsplash

Mar 27, 2017 0 comment

Why a Backsplash matters

A kitchen’s backsplash serves a lot of different purposes.  One of those purposes is that it acts as a focal point in any kitchen, and it can draw attention to a kitchen in a good way, draw attention to a kitchen in a bad way, or not be particularly interesting or attentive in any way.  Furthermore, a kitchen backsplash also has to be very tough, as it will experience more nicks, scuffs, problems, stains, cooking fumes and oils, water, and fingerprints.  For this very reason a lot of people use tile on their backsplash, but there is nothing quite like a painted look.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to painting a kitchen backsplash.  There are many different types of colors, different ways to paint it, different finishes to put on it, and different looks that can all be quite pleasant in their own way.  One way or the other, the choice is yours for your own backsplash; you just have to know what your options are.

Painting Ideas for Getting the Best Backsplash for Your Kitchen

There are a few ways to do a backsplash properly, and the route taken will depend a lot on the kitchen itself, as well as personal preference. For some quick ideas that can make all the difference in the world, consider the following:

  1. Paint the backsplash a simple, solid color.  A backsplash should be a pretty firm color, and it should coincide well with the other colors in the room.  It is generally recommended that if you have darker cabinets that you should go with a lighter color backsplash, and if you have lighter cabinets then a darker color backsplash will be the most appropriate.  Conversely, a lot of people will opt to go for a color that is almost identical to the current color on the backsplash.  When this is done, the eyes are instead drawn to the countertops and appliances.
  2. A stenciled design is a very popular approach to decorating backsplashes.  It is very appropriate to do something fancy in this case, such as with different images of food, cherished quotes, or a traditional, family recipe.
  3. You can also paint on faux tiles if you like the look of tiles on a kitchen backsplash, but you do not want to install actual tiles on your backsplash.  Any painting contractor can paint faux tiles for you.  Painting faux tiles can be difficult if you have never done it before, but it is a straightforward, simple, and even easy job for a professional painting contractor.
  4. Chalkboard paint on the backsplash is especially fun.  In this way, you can use any color you want and be able to write with chalk on your backsplash.  Chalkboard paint goes on clear, but it creates a finish that is not only very tough but which also can be drawn and written on with chalk.

These are just some of the different ideas that can be implemented for a backsplash painting project.  There are others too.  Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference which style is selected for each home.  Certain colors and styles are not appropriate, whereas others are a perfect fit depending on the style and tone of the kitchen.

At Hall Painting Services, we can help you with any painting project of any kind.  We are the premier painting company in the Tampa Bay area, and our services are exquisite.  If you are considering doing something different and exciting with your backsplash, or any other surface for that matter, give us a call and we will help you.  Call us at (727) 692-2926 for a free estimate.

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